Who for?

Schools, Pre school, Nurseries, PTA, PTFA, Friends of schools, Colleges, Parish Church, Women's Institutes, Charities, Clubs, Scout Groups, Girl Guide Fundraising, Community Groups, Youth Groups, Sport Clubs, in a word it can be used by any organisation who need a healthy and efficient fundraiser.

the cookbook initiative whitePrimarily designed for schools the Cookbook Initiative is very happy to welcome other organisations such as Churches and Sport Clubs. In the registration form simply miss out the field where the school name is requested.

We have been proud to be printing cookbooks as fundraisers on behalf of many types of organisations. Cookbook Fundraisers are a perfect project for the likes of Twin Town Associations, Local Churches and Sport associations.

Publishing a Cookbook as a Fundraiser is a great way to get everyone together and work towards sharing and writing up recipes which will be unique to your group.

Incredibly easy to put together thanks to our online facilities you will find this fundraiser a fairly good money maker for your projects. Your contributors in terms of recipe collection will also have the opportunity to order their copies whilst they participate with their recipe online. They will also be the better placed people to raise awareness to your project and to sell more copies of your cookbook project.

the cookbook initiative redAs the organiser you will need to concentrate on communicating about your fundraiser and chasing people’s input to it. Making your own cookbook fundraiser can prove to be a lengthy affair and you need to be aware of the time it involves spending on your part. The Cookbook Initiative has made it as easy as possible for you by providing you with communication tools such as fun paper chef hats sent out with the starter pack which act as a visual reminder to all participants. The hats bear the stickers we provide you with including the web address and password to log in to participate. The whole online Initiatives package is designed to make your cookbook printing project possible without the hassle.

An off the shelf solution to your recipe project for a quality result.

A guaranteed recipe for success!