The Perks

A fanstastic and original school keepsake made by the children themselves!

What's in it for you teachers or organisers ?

A headache free fundraiser.

Your life is made easier by the chef hats we include in your starter pack. This is a very helpful communication tool and will stand out to parents and raise awareness to your fundraiser. The web based concept is made to ease and quicken the gathering of recipes with intuitive tools.

No Commitment.

The starter pack is sent and the account is created free of charge. You only pay if the parents take to it and if you decide to order some books. The use of the website is free. You will be invoiced when you place the order for the printing process.

Significant and guaranteed funds raised.

Ideal to help finance a project for your school or association.

Getting children involved

Each child enter their recipes from home or from a school's computer. The only thing for you to do is to proofread all the recipes and order your books in a few clicks.

Example: You order 200 books and sale them for
a profit of £705!!

Based on a Recommended Retail Price of £8.50 and a unit price of £4.90 plus £15 delivery charge.

Integrating the curriculum.

This fundraiser can be linked to the curriculum in a number of ways, be it healthy eating and cooking or working towards computer litteracy.

What's in it for children and their family ?

An educational keepsake.

A professionally printed book in full colour with the recipes of everyone participating. The book will be on show in parent's kitchen for a long time! Moreover it will raise awareness to healthy eating and cooking.

A fun culinary moment to be had by families.

Everyone can express their creativity during this special moment spent together in the kitchen.

A dedicated web page for parents.

Simply hand out the chef hats provided in the starter pack and parents will be guided to that webpage along with the log in to enter their recipe.

Free of rights pictures to choose from.

This allows to illustrate each and every recipe and make the page more attractive should parents choose not to use one of their personal pictures. All personal pictures can be made fun by adding little accessories - utensils, sunglasses, chef hats etc..

A nice book to give as a present.

Ideal for all occasions be it Xmas, mother's day or simply for pleasure !