The Cookbook

Cookbook's technical description


  • Cover and Easel = Thick cardboard.
  • Paper = Shinny 200g.


  • Width = 16cm
  • Height = 16cm
  • Gusset = 8cm

Our books are spiral binded and are each delivered
in individual see through pockets.

The book contains a minimum of 30
recipes and a maximum of 120.

Covers to choose from:

Title to personalise

the cookbook initiative kitchen cover
Kitchen cover
the cookbook initiative blackboard cover
Blackboard cover

A Foreword:

We've made it possible for you to include a page that you will be able to define as you please. Call it dedicatory, introductory or foreword page, this page is all yours.

Sponsor Pages:

We have created some dedicated sponsor pages that you will be able to use at your leisure. You can include up to 4 sponsors on 2 pages. If not used these pages will not appear in your cookbooks as empty pages.

Typical page for one recipe :

  • 1

    Recipe Title

    + Author of the recipe

  • 2


    • Portions served
    • Difficulty rating
    • Cooking and preparation time
  • 3


    Step by step the preparation and instructions for the recipe

book kitchen school initiatives 1 2 3 4 5
  • Visual

    You will be able to upload a photo for each recipe. You will, of course, require, a digital photo and the parents' permission. Those parents using the Parent Access Area will be able to upload a photo themselves. You just have to follow the instructions - it's very simple. If you do not have a photo you can choose from the illustrations we have available in our library. ( Please note, including pictures in each recipes will really boost your sales)

  • Ingredients


All the cookbooks include a pyramid food chart and conversion table.