• We used the Cookbook Initiative for the first time this year. The facility allowing parents to type in their own recipes was fantastic, as was the preview facility. We were able to add our own personal message to the front page of the cookbook and overall we found it really easy to put together. When our order arrived the cookbooks sold really well, making fantastic gifts for relatives. They were really good quality - much better than any other samples we had seen - and included some additional helpful sections which brought it all together, making it more than just a series of recipes. We will definitely be doing another cookbook in the future, I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  • A Fantastic Idea!

    We made this one of our many Business Enterprise Projects this year, and it's turned out to be a great success! Staff, children and parents were all keen to contribute to the book, and many are now sharing each others culinary delights at home.
    Super boost to school funds too!

  • It sold like hotcakes

    Great project! At first we didn't have many orders but when we sold it at our fair and people were able to see it for real it sold like hotcakes and we made a very decent sum for our funds.

  • We made it the pupils homework...

    We made it the pupils' homework to find an unusual recipe and divided the class into three categories starters, main courses and desserts so that we would have a better variety. The kids really took to it and we ended up with quite a diverse range of recipes.

  • We sold at christmas fayre

    We decided to have a Christmas theme for our cookbook which the kids loved. I think our families will be having quite a diverse Christmas dinner this year! We ordered 100 cookbooks and sold most to parents and family and the rest we sold at our Christmas Fayre.

  • A reasonable profit

    This is a great product - well done. We had a good time creating it, a good time using it, and it even made the school a reasonable profit too hopefully to be spent in the school kitchen!

  • I heard of The COOKBOOK INITIATIVE from my sister. The website is very useable and easy. We were more then happy to receive our order under the 3 to 4 weeks turnaround announced initially.

  • A fun project

    This was a really fun project and doing it all on the computer saved lots of time. The children loved their books which are really original, colourful and certainly seem durable enough.
    I have even heard back from parents saying how it has motivated their kids to cook starting with their classmates recipes.

  • Culinary discoveries

    My daughter was not previously interested at all in cooking but since she participated with the school's cookbook she has been wanting to try out all her friends recipes (starting with the desserts of course).
    It has also been an eye-opener for me too and we have made a few culinary discoveries together.

  • A lovely idea

    We thought this was a lovely idea and it turned out to be quite a success, both with the children, who were so excited about making their own cookbook with their pictures in, and also from parents who latched onto the idea with unexpected enthusiasm.

  • The online process was smooth and easy

    The online process was smooth and easy and I'm 57! Time spent typing up the recipes was time well spent but I really appreciated the Parent Access Area which halved the amount of effort I spent on the computer.
    The cookbook itself is good quality, colourful and the photos made it for the kids and parents alike!