So, what is The Cookbook Initiative?

It’s a fundraising project for schools and other associations whereby you gather your recipes online, we print your cookbooks and you sell it on for a profit. It is totally web based and designed to be very simple and straightforward for the organisers of the project.

What does my cookbook consist of?

A tough cardboard exterior, a front page, an introduction page, contents page and sponsor pages, at least 30 recipes, a measurement conversion page, healthy eating and nutrition guide. But mainly recipes.

Is there a time limit?

Nope. Spend as long as you like putting together your school cookbook but remember a fresh project is better than a stale one, much like a nice loaf, so we reckon that you shouldn’t let it drag on too long.

Is there a commitment?

We are happy to have a relaxed relationship with yourselves right up until you submit your order. Up until that point all our services are completely free. And we’ll only ask for payment when we deliver your books – and even then we’ll afford you 30 days. Could we be any fairer?

What is the Parent Access Area?

It’s a staggeringly good concept, not least because it saves you a bundle of time. The idea is that you ask parents, who have internet connection at home, to log on to the Parent Access Area website where they’ll be able to type up their recipe themselves. We’ll advise you by email of your school’s unique Access Number that parents will need to log in with.

The only access parents have is to their own recipe and no others. Once they have written, previewed and confirmed their recipe it will appear in your account – as if you’re receiving an email into your inbox. You, the organiser, have complete control over all the recipes and can edit them as you wish, or even delete them if you’re feeling particularly ruthless.

Families without internet access can still participate by completing their recipe sheets the old fashioned way (i.e. with a pen) and you (or a volunteer) can type them up on their behalf.

Can we really include photos?

Yes, you will be able to upload a photo for each recipe. You will of course require a digital photo and the parents’ permission. Those parents using the Parent Access Area will be able to upload a photo themselves. Just follow the instructions – it’s very simple.
If you do not have a photo (which is a shame because photos of the children really help sell the cookbook) you can choose from the illustrations we have available in our library.

Does that include P&P?

Shipping fee is £15 for all orders.

Can we re-order our cookbook at a later date?

I don’t see why not but remember re-orders are for a minimum of 10 books.

I’ve forgotten my password!

Don’t panic! You’ll find it in the email we sent after you registered. If you can’t find the email get in touch with us and we’ll look it up for you – no probs.

Can I see a sample?

Oh yeah. If you want to see a real live version that you can hold and admire and show potential buyers and contributors contact us on 0845.609.02.06 or by email on hello@initiatives.com and we’ll get one sent out to you.

How long does the whole process take?

How long is a piece of butchers-string? It’s up to you how long you take over the project. Maybe a couple of weeks. Maybe a couple of months. As ever with a school recipe book fundraiser it is best to keep the time compact in order to keep the project fresh. For our part, as soon as you submit your recipes to us we’ll have them printed and delivered to you within 4 weeks.

Intellectual property rights issues!

Do not infringe anybody’s copyrights as it could land you in trouble with the rozzers. You are not allowed to pass anyone’s work off as your own. So if you do use a someone’s recipe the best idea is to ask for their permission first. It is very easy however to come up with your own version of a recipe whilst using an existing one as inspiration.

When do we pay?

There are no upfront payments for your cookbook order. We’ll include an invoice with the delivery of your cookbooks and ask that you settle up within 30 days. This should be enough time to retrieve payment from parents and so on.

What if there is an error in my cookbook?

Tricky one this. We would love to have the time to proofread your work but unfortunately this just ain’t the case. This is why we provide you with an online pdf copy of your cookbook at the end of the process – the idea being that you can re-read, double check it and amend it if necessary before we produce it. In essence we’re passing the responsibility onto you. However, if there is a fault and we are to blame we wouldn’t hesitate to reprint your cookbooks accordingly.

Can I create a non-standard book?

No. Sorry. This option isn’t available at the moment.

Will you be so kind as to type up the recipe sheets?

No. Sorry. We’re bad typers and would make too many errors and you’d tell us off and we just do not want that.

Privacy Policy

At The Cookbook Initiative we take the protection of your personal data seriously and will process your personal data fairly and transparently. We will only use the information that we collect from you, or you provide to us, lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR).